Noran Malouf, Owner

Noran uses his unique abilities to help clients discover the root causes to their physical, mento- emotional and spiritual imbalances and then assists the body in releasing and eliminating those issues. In addition, he can address biochemical nutritional needs in the form of global herbals and supplements which can rejuvenate and heal the whole body. 

As a natural integrative healthcare provider and skilled diagnostician, Noran has done extensive study and training in several methods of healing. His eclectic knowledge base and experience includes: Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine, Global Herbology, remedial bodywork (Tui Na, Zero Balancing), Sound therapy/Harmonics healing, Kinesiology (TFH, PKP, CRA, IAT, NRT), Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, Conscious Systems, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and many more... Noran has also been on faculty at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Swedish Institute Acupuncture program and Mercy College.

Jeanne Perkins, Co-Senior Director

Jeanne serves as the Co-Senior Director at Q Flatiron. She keeps the Q Flatiron sail in the right direction and ensures all clients receive the best care possible.